[Mono-list] C#->C->C++, Platform Invocations from HELL!

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at bleepconsulting.com
Mon Dec 11 05:20:22 EST 2006

Alright, alright, so the subject is a bit extreme (XTREME!!)

Anyways, I'm working on some projects that have led me down the dark,  
lonely path to p/invoke as some of you from the #mono IRC channel may  
know, but I'm somewhat proud of reaching this new level of oddity :)

Rumour has it I've been saddled with a C++ library that I need to in  
some way shape or form incorporate into our new heavily-reliant Mono/ 
C# based project. Platform invocations aren't anything new to me at  
this point, enough so that I know that Managed C++ is a MS.NET  
bastard child, and that such sorcery the Mono runtime does not contain.

I'm wondering if it is a plausible option to wrap the C++ shared  
libraries with a C library, which would then be wrapped by the C#  
platform invocation wrappers that I'd write, much in the same manner  
Mac OS X APIs perform toll-free bridging between ObjC and C (http:// 

The most I have to worry about really in the context of C++ specific  
code is sick iterator hacks and exceptions, but I don't think it  
isn't anything that can't be wrapped by a simpleton C wrapper to  
provide a good p/invoke shim for Mono.

Am I stretching too far?

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