[Mono-list] ANNOUNCE: Heap-Buddy 0.2

Joe Shaw joeshaw at novell.com
Tue Dec 5 16:04:33 EST 2006


I'm pleased to announce the release of Heap-Buddy 0.2.  This is a bug
fix release.

Heap-Buddy is a summarizing memory profiling tool for Mono, written by
Jon Trowbridge and Ben Maurer.  It attaches to special hooks in the Mono
runtime and tracks all of the managed memory allocations, every garbage
collection, and every heap resize.  The statistics are written out into
a data file that can then be analyzed by the heap-buddy tool.

Changes from 0.1:
  * Relicensed from GPL to MIT X11.
  * Fix deadlock problems on SMP machines.  (Joe Shaw)
  * Always write numerical values as little endian.  (Chris Seaton)
  * Write out the number of live objects in the heap resize hook.  (Joe)

Note!  This version changes the format of the file written out to disk,
so 0.2 cannot read 0.1 outfiles.

You can download the tarball from: 

or check the code out of Mono SVN, module heap-buddy.


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