[Mono-list] öüä (german umlaute) in MySql Connection

einKI.ml einKI.ml at gmx.net
Thu Aug 31 08:27:02 EDT 2006


I try to connect to an mysql database using the Mysql.Data.dll.
Within the data I have no problems with german umlaute however when
I use AS in a sql statement i get nonsense back i.e.

SELECT Hoehenmeter as "Höhenmeter" from mytable

Gives as the column name

while the records are correctly displayed.

The Database is set to utf8 and the MySQl charset and the
MySql connection collation is set to utf8_unicode_ci.

Is there any switch I forget to tell the server/client to give
me back the right column name.

I use MySQL 5.0.22 with Ubuntu 6.06 and the MySql Connector 1.0.7.


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