[Mono-list] Parameters & SQLite

Jay R. Wren jrwren at xmtp.net
Wed Aug 30 16:25:17 EDT 2006

It is my blog, but take a look anyway. 


The short answer is "yes" parameters are supported.  There are examples
at the above URLs.

A short example:
|IDbCommand idcSelect = conn.CreateCommand();
idcSelect.CommandText = "select col from table where othercl=@someting";
||IDataParameter param = idcSelect.CreateParameter();
param.ParameterName = "@someting";
param.DbType = DbType.String;
param.Value = "whatever something would equal";
The above is more geared to 1.1, since 2.0 has DbConnection and the
ADO2.0 db provider stuff.

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
> Are parameters supported by the Mono.Data.SqliteClient
> namespace/assembly?
> I've googled myself silly can can't find an example or statement about
> this.  Just lots of examples of using DataReader. :)
> Perhaps there is a matrix somewhere of what features are implemented in
> the various providers?
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