[Mono-list] Creating WinForms application for Linux/Mac

Peter Dennis Bartok Peter at novonyx.com
Wed Aug 16 10:11:39 EDT 2006


The looks of a WinForms app on Linux can be altered by selecting a different 
theme. Alexander Olk has added created both the 'nice' and the 'clearlooks' 

To try them out, you can 'export MONO_THEME=clearlooks' or 'export 
MONO_THEME=nice' before starting your app on Linux, they might look less 
'strange' than the win32 default theme. The same themes work on the Mac, 
however, they won't match the native Mac UI. But a theme for that could be 
created, too.


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Subject: [Mono-list] Creating WinForms application for Linux/Mac

>I want to create new GUI C# application which runs in Linux/Mac also.
>I'm planning to develop it using Microsoft Visual C# Express in Windows.
>VCS has good Winforms support so I'm planning to use Winforms.
>However, Winform application may look strange for Linux/Mac user.
>Is it reasonable to create Linux/Mac/Win application using WinForms ?
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