[Mono-list] asp.net mono 1.1.16 service unavailable message

jim hunt jim at helvector.com
Mon Aug 14 09:09:14 EDT 2006

i got a problem with every now and then seeing a service unavailable
message back from my asp.net site using mono, mod mono and apache
(think it was a 503 error, definitely apaches return when mono stopped 
mono (mod_mono 1.1.16, xsp
apache 2
fedora core 5
i had a bit of trouble with this message cropping up out the blue before
i updated to 1.1.16 (from 1.1.15) but things seemed smoother since then,
i did have the box do a scheduled restart of apache every night and the 
service stayed up for the last week no problem. so i thought id try 
not doing this apache restart. the site was fine over the weekend, but
today, after about 3 days up it just suddenly crashed out on me and 
started showing the unavailable message
restarting apache did nothing to cure this, but restarting the box
did fix it fine
is there a simple checklist of things i should work through to make sure
have everything set up right regarding this issue? is there something
i might have missed or messed up? this is my first mono/asp.net site
plenty with iis .net before) and i'm no linux expert so i probably have
missed something obvious hey?
i'd put something in place to just keep an eye on the server, and
mono, or even apache if that would be a temporary fix until i get to the
bottom of it properly, but i really don't want the box restarting itself
completely all over the place, so if anyone has any ideas on how i might
get the service back up without a full system restart i'd be really
thanks in advance
jim hunt
jim at helvector.com <mailto:jim at helvector.com> 

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