[Mono-list] Mono and concurrency/parallelism

Jacobo G. Polavieja jacobopolavieja at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 19:39:13 EDT 2006

Hi all!

I've been interested in starting developing with mono for a long time. 
Now that I would have the time to learn there's something that concerns 
me a lot: concurrency.
With multicore processors right here and more that will come with more 
cores I'm pretty concerned about efficiency and scalability with new 
architectures to come. That's why I've started using some functional 
language, like Erlang, as they easily manage processes and threads.
So, I'd like to know how mono behaves in this field. I know about 
MonoThreads, but, is this enough? How does the VM affect concurrency 
when 4+ processors available? (I've tried to find any information 
related to VM-Parallelism and specifically MonoVM-prallelism without 
anything too much useful, so links and doc are welcome).
I like the simplicity and productivity of Mono, but I'm afraid how it's 
going to behave (in terms of efficiency) with the new hardware to come 
(4,8, or more processors in some years?).

Thanks a lot.

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