[Mono-list] ".NET 3.0" misnomer

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Aug 13 17:51:14 EDT 2006


> Not that minor details like this have stopped us from implementing the
> parts that *are* interesting (jchamber's COM interop work, P/Invoke),
> even if they're not portable (lupus quote: " P/Invoke is poorly defined
> in a non-win32 system.").

There is a lot more depth in the P/Invoke situation though.

P/Invoke has limitations, not only on Unix, but also on Windows.  And
the lack of specifications is just the result of the balance between
shipping something or keeping it on the drawing board forever.

The good news is that there are folks in the .NET group that are willing
to address some of our concerns (some were handled by the previous pass
at ECMA, but its limited by the product that is currently shipping).


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