[Mono-list] Glade visual inheritance

Adam Tauno Williams adam at morrison-ind.com
Mon Aug 7 11:14:22 EDT 2006

> I'm would like to create one form (glade file) with all database data
> controls (insert/updade/refresh/save.... navigation record bar.. next,
> last, first.....) and re-use this unique control in all form of
> cadasters ....(glade file with only fields)
> (clients/customer/services....)
>      Because if I change one event/method in some button, this
> event/method would be changed in all forms...
>     this is possible ?!
> I don't have idea about make this in glade + mono + gtk#
> Maybe some with more experience can help me...

Possible with stetic, in which you can design and export widgets.  Not
possible, to my knowledge, with Glade.

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