[Mono-list] Building db4o from the src rpm

PFJ paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 08:06:49 EDT 2006


> > Where is the best place to report this error (not sure if it's here or
> > to db4o themselves)
> Both. On one hand you are experiencing a bug in mcs and on the other
> hand db4o releases must be compatible with the latest mono releases.

I've put it on the community forum at db4o and will bung it onto the
Mono BZ tonight.

> > and is there something I can pass in to stop this
> > error?
> >
> The good news is that I don't see this error with db4o svn and we are
> about to release a new version this next week.

Yep. Downloaded and packaged 5.5 already - on the .spec file, I've added
a line to ensure it db4o gets put into gac so that the dll doesn't need
to be copied left, right and centre :-)

I'll email info at db4o.com tonight with the regression test results from
the 5.2 release using mono-1.1.16-1 and also for 5.5


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