[Mono-list] Web app performance profiling

Andrey Tkach andriy.tkach at stu-electronics.com
Thu Aug 3 07:45:39 EDT 2006


Bellow I put all my output which I got while trying to profile mod_mono.
I tried it with mono 1.1.15 & mod_mono 1.1.14, then I upgrated both to
1.1.16, but exactly the same crash remains. What might be the reason of
this? Seems like a bug. Should I report it to bugzilla?

Sincerely yours,
Andriy Tkach


suse:/home/user # sudo -u wwwrun  /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono
--profile /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../lib/xsp/1.0/mod-mono-server.exe
--filename /tmp/mod_mono_server_global --applications
ww/htdocs/TestMonoSVS --nonstop --master
Listening on: /tmp/mod_mono_server_global
Root directory: /home/user

Total time spent compiling 7099 methods (sec): 11.09
Slowest method to compile (sec): 0.407:
Time(ms) Count   P/call(ms) Method name
 142672.635       6  23778.773
  Callers (with count) that contribute at least for 1%:
           3  50 % Mono.WebServer.ModMonoWorker::InnerRun(object)
           3  50 %
 82363.542     100  823.635   System.Threading.Thread::Sleep(int)
  Callers (with count) that contribute at least for 1%:
          93  93 % System.IO.DefaultWatcher::Monitor()

Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries
used by your application.


Native stacktrace:

        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono [0x8143727]
        /lib/libc.so.6(vasprintf+0xbc) [0xb7d30d8c]
        /opt/gnome/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0(g_vasprintf+0x37) [0xb7e9c4c7]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono [0x80c43f1]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono [0x80c47c3]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono [0x80c45a7]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono [0x80c55fe]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono [0x8144bb1]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono(mono_main+0x867) [0x805d357]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono(__fxstat64+0x137) [0x805bd0b]
        /lib/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xdc) [0xb7ce987c]
        /usr/lib/pkgconfig/../../bin/mono(sinh+0x4d) [0x805bc61]


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> On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 17:20 +0300, Andrey Tkach wrote:
> > Hello,
> > We have one web application, with some performance issues while
> > testing it on Suse Linux 10.1 and mod_mono 1.1.15. But on .Net, IIS
> > results are much better. I supposed to make a decision whether such
> > platform suitable for our middleware. Are there some web-resources
> > about testing web-applications performance on mono?
> >
> > I feel I need to profile something to see what makes such delays.
> > is the right way to profile mod-mono-server?
> I assume you're letting mod_mono start mod-mono-server. The steps to
> profile it are as follows:
>      1. Start apache.
>      2. Run 'ps aux' and copy the command line used to run
>         mod-mono-server.exe
>      3. Stop apache
>      4. With the same user that runs apache, run the command line
>         in 2 adding the '--profile' parameter to mono.
>      5. Start apache.
>      6. Do a few requests (they will take a lot to process).
>      7. Stop apache
>      8. mod-mono-server will stop and you'll get profile output.
> Note that when --profile is enabled, mono is *extremely* slow. Do as
> many request as you need to get a result that excludes start up stuff.
> -Gonzalo
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