[Mono-list] HPC and Mono

Jay R. Wren jrwren at xmtp.net
Wed Aug 2 10:00:50 EDT 2006

Andreas Färber wrote:
> Yes that's one for sure, and there were also some others, don't have
> the URLs at hand right now, one other being from Prague I believe. The
> point is those are mainly P/Invoke wrappers, requiring MPICH2 or
> LAM/MPI to be installed on each node as I understand, which is more
> suited for a cluster than for a grid. I'll give it a try though.
> For Java there are a lot more options, for example the Globus Toolkit
> (http://globus.org/toolkit/), based on the OGSA (Web Services).
> The PMPI from São Paulo ("PMPI: A multi-platform, multi-programming
> *language MPI using .NET") was the best equivalent I could find to
> date but their paper does not give a source location and Google didn't
> find any. Their implementation is based on .NET Remoting.*
> OGSI.NET (http://www.cs.virginia.edu/~gsw2c/ogsi.net.html
> <http://www.cs.virginia.edu/%7Egsw2c/ogsi.net.html>) and WSRF.NET
> (http://www.ws-rf.net/) on the other hand, being sponsored by
> Microsoft, appear to rely on Microsoft's WSE, which is not available
> for Mono.
And don't forget JavaSpaces.  JavaSpaces is an awesome distributed
computing system that is applicable not just for HPC, but also for HA
grid and cluster type solutions.  I saw a demonstration of GigaSpaces, a
commercial JavaSpaces implementation, and I was very impressed.  The
tools which GigaSpaces add are very awesome.  Unfortunately, JavaSpaces
is pretty java centric.  There is an OpenSource project
 called Blitz (http://www.dancres.org/blitz/) which implements
javaspaces.  It may be possible to do some tricks with ikvm and/or jacil
to run mono IL on blitz.  That would be awesome, or a MonoSpaces project
would be awesome, so would a Mono alternative to Jini.

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