[Mono-list] Phalanger on Mono

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Wed Aug 2 08:58:42 EDT 2006

Am 02.08.2006 um 13:44 schrieb Ligesh:

> On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 07:06:10AM -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
>>>  PHalanger is not just another '[insert your app name]' application.
>>> It is a framework which, if it works properly can actually help get
>>> more people into Mono. Php is the most used language, especially in
>>> the internet, and having an ability to code in DotNet using php  
>>> should
>> <rant>Yada, Yada, PHP/LAMP is the saviour of humanity and a  
>> pinnacle of
>> western civilization....</rant>
>  You can't ignore the fact that LAMP has been the primary reason  
> for Linux's popularity in the web services field. Without LAMP, we  
> might have as been the minority player with MS as the dominant one.  
> And since the focus of dotnet is also webservices, Phalanger seemed  
> like a good fit to me.
>> There is a project for running PHP in/on Mono -
>> http://php4mono.sourceforge.net/
> PHalanger seems a more complete and mature platform to me. At least  
> that's the impression I get form a cursory read through the page.

Let's keep this professional, guys. I don't know Phalanger but it  
sounds like an interpreter for PHP sourcecode, which in turn is  
mostly used for web pages. So a way to recognize this effort could be  
to include it in Miguel's ASP.NET alternatives page, call that  
"official support" or not.
Apart from that, Mono is a generic runtime, in theory capable of  
running all kinds of "applications" (executable CIL code), including  
Phalanger; it will likely not be the goal to make especially  
Phalanger run but all applications and libraries depending on such  
classes and methods. So if Phalanger cooperates with Mono by  
submitting bug reports or patches then it's a win-win situation with  
Mono becoming more and more complete and Phalanger gaining broad  
platform support on Unixes. :-)


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