[Mono-list] Phalanger on Mono

Ligesh myself at ligesh.com
Wed Aug 2 05:08:19 EDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 10:46:39AM +0200, Robert Jordan wrote:
> Did you check Phalanger's FAQ?
> ---
> # Is it possible to use Phalanger under Mono?
> No, it is currently not possible because some parts of Phalanger are 
> mixed assemblies written in Managed C++, which is not supported in Mono. 
> Although we are planning on rewriting these components to C++/CLI as we 
> switch to FW 2.0, one of them - the Extension Manager - will always 
> contain some native code. So it is likely that Phalanger will run under 
> Mono in the future but without the Extension Manager. However, if Mono 
> supports C++/CLI in the future we would probably port the Extension 
> Manager to Mono.
> ---

 That was Phalanger version 1.0. In my first post I had said that with 2.0 Phalanger is 100% C# and the Phalanger people have stated that theoretically it will work seamlessly on Mono. And that's the reason why I tried it on Linux, and got a missing URI error, and I first made the complaint on the Phalanger list, where they told me it was a missing method inside Mono, and not an issue with Phalanger per se, and that a pure dotnet application written in Phalanger should work transparently on Mono and windows.


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