[Mono-list] Duplicate emails from list

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Sun Apr 30 05:53:32 EDT 2006


>Atsushi, please check your sent bin for this post you sent to the list and
>the post you sent on april 24 to the thread titled "CultureInfo to it-IT".
>You did not CC the list in this one but you did on that one, and I received
>a dupe on that one.  I get similar dupes when Miguel responds to posts
>since apparently he uses Reply-All.

The only person who would have received the message you are refering to 
twice is Marco, to whom the message was addressed. He would have received 
the personal copy and then a copy through the list. (considering the lag the 
list often has, sometimes 2 days, I see little harm in him receiving an 
answer right away as PM and the copy arriving through the list later)

If you got two copies of that message you have a problem on your side. I 
keep complete archives and only one was sent through the list.

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  To: Marco Bascietto <m.bascietto at datakey.it>
  Subject: Re: [Mono-list] CultureInfo to it-IT
  References: <444CC28F.1020801 at datakey.it>
  In-Reply-To: <444CC28F.1020801 at datakey.it>
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