[Mono-list] Re: running a bash script from mono?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Apr 28 12:44:40 EDT 2006

nydia at linux.bz wrote:
> Hey, I am a newbie using Mono. I am using mono to create a gui frontend for some
> bash scripts that I use to maintain my lab. I would like to know how I can call
> my bash scripts using mono. Once the user enters their options on the form then
> these will be sent as parameters to my bash script and then the bash script will
> process the information. This is where I got stuck since I have not found any
> example on how to do this. Can anyone please help me....

Have a look at System.Diagnostics.Process.

Process p = Process.Start("your-shell-script", "the args ...");
p.WaitForExit ();


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