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> OK, so SWF or GTK#? GTK# may be idealogically the
> 'right thing to do' but currently I have several
> hundred SWF apps that I should be able to use on
> linux. I would imagine that 99% of experienced
> .NET/Mono programmers are in the same boat.
> So either SWF or perhaps a conversion tool to take an
> SWF  'binary' and convert it?
> Otherwise I have to agree with Ympostor.
> Tom

The other thing is I could sell the decision makers at my company on
developing for Linux, if I had access to a Windows forms development
environment. At the moment I am completely stymied, as they won't even
consider the idea of cross platform apps that require GTK being
installed on Windows. And yes being able to move preexisting MS Windows
Win Forms .NET Apps to Linux could be done quite easily if the WinForms
environment was available.

Tracy Barlow

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