[Mono-list] where is System.Windows.Forms ?

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Thu Apr 27 04:11:21 EDT 2006

Sharpdevelop? That only runs on Win32. If you're talking about MonoDevelop, 
that has got little to do with System.Windows.Forms in Mono. I don't use MD, 
so I can't tell you why it is not showing the namespace (assuming you 
installed the winforms package), but you can run your SWF apps compiled with 
VS.Net or you can compile them with mcs directly.


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Subject: [Mono-list] where is System.Windows.Forms ?

>Hi List,
>I just installed me the mono-1.1.15 using the linux installer for x86.
>My inteniton is to take a look on how far I can develop cross platform apps 
>using .Net AND Mono.
>At the moment I am using Visual Studio and developing my apps for windows, 
>but to be more open to the future an different platforms I believe it is a 
>good idea to have an eye on mono.
>Using SharpDevelop I generated a dfault GTK# 2.0 Project (empty main 
>window). Next I wanted to check on the System.Windows.Forms, but typing in 
>"System." code in sight did not come up with "Windows".
>What do I have to do to get SWF on linux?
>Is there a tutorial available some where that tells mono newbies like I am 
>one how to get started?
>Thanks for hints an suggestions.
>Rainer Queck
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