[Mono-list] where is System.Windows.Forms ?

rainer.queck at qutronic.de rainer.queck at qutronic.de
Thu Apr 27 02:53:14 EDT 2006

Hi List,

I just installed me the mono-1.1.15 using the linux installer for x86.
My inteniton is to take a look on how far I can develop cross platform apps using .Net AND Mono.

At the moment I am using Visual Studio and developing my apps for windows, but to be more open to the future an different platforms I believe it is a good idea to have an eye on mono.

Using SharpDevelop I generated a dfault GTK# 2.0 Project (empty main window). Next I wanted to check on the System.Windows.Forms, but typing in "System." code in sight did not come up with "Windows".

What do I have to do to get SWF on linux?
Is there a tutorial available some where that tells mono newbies like I am one how to get started?

Thanks for hints an suggestions.

Rainer Queck

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