[Mono-list] Re: Summer of code suggestion

Ympostor ympostor at clix.pt
Tue Apr 25 06:25:49 EDT 2006

Paul escribió:
> Hi,
>>> Just a suggestion - a SWF addin for MonoDevelop. That would really make
>>> it a hell of an app (IMHO) - it's currently just fantastic.\
>> You mean a Winforms designer?
> Yes.
> Winforms is about the only thing lacking from MonoDevelop IMHO.

IMHO the priorities in MonoDevelop are the following:

- Integrate the debugger.
- Make MD compile itself, so as to improve contributor experience, thus 
getting more coding help.
- Bugfixes, and improvements in the usability, for the GUI designer.
- Menu editor for the GUI designer.

SWF integration should be the last thing since there is already a free 
tool for this (SharpDevelop) and we don't want the Mono people to use 
SWF instead of GTK#.



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