[Mono-list] Blam Unicode Issue?

Yousef Raffah yraffah at savola.com
Mon Apr 24 09:45:12 EDT 2006


I'm just quite new to mono and to be very honest, very pleased with the
results I see on the web site.

Yesterday I thought of giving Blam as I miss such a great RSS or feeds
reader in FreeBSD. Therefore, I installed Blam from the FreeBSD ports,
which is now Gnome Blam 1.8.2.

I noticed a couple of problems but I'm not sure yet whether it is
related to the port itself or blam therefore, I thought of asking you
first because the moment I add new RSS feeds I can see them displayed
properly, however, if I close blam and then reopen it, those new RSS
feeds are not displayed properly, as if blam can't detect it is UTF-8
encoded. Then suddenly, after so many refreshes (by keeping blam open
for several hours) it starts to display them properly.

Let me know if you need to see more details so that I can take
screenshots for you

Yousef Raffah
Senior Systems Administrator

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