[Mono-list] CultureInfo to it-IT

Michał Ziemski rook at roo.k.pl
Mon Apr 24 09:23:16 EDT 2006


I had a similar problem with polish locale.
This happened when I passed NumberFormatInfo or DateTimeFormatInfo as 
the second parameter in the ToString method.
When I used CultureInfo as the second parameter everything went fine.

If this doesn't help, please post some code, that shows the problem.

Michal Ziemski

Dnia 2006-04-24 14:20, Użytkownik Marco Bascietto napisał:
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> Greetings,
> I am developing a VS 2003 project that should run on a RHEL4 + mono server.
> CulturalInfo set in VS2003 doesn't work in mono.
> I was wondering why the "date format" shown in my .NET application is
> not the same I got in mono.
> I have set a new instance of
> System.Globalization.CultureInfo class to  "it-IT" to format the date
> like "dd/mm/yyyy" but it seems that this setting is not recognized by
> mono because it flips day and month resulting in "mm/dd/yyyy".
> Mono manual reports that the System.Globalization.CultureInfo
> class is not yet implemented, Does anyone know if there is a short cut
> in place to avoid this problem?
> Locales on the linux machine is set to "it_IT.UTF8".
> mono 1.1.14
> xsp 1.1.13
> mod_mono 1.1.13
> Thanks!
> Marco
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