[Mono-list] IStream as Stream

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
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If you need IStream, you can use my classes.

ComIStreamWrapper implements IStream as a wrapper for Stream. This is a 
fully functional read/write wrapper.

Mono has no COM support so ComIStreamMarshaler can be used to marshal 
IStream as a COM interface.

Note that ComIStreamWrapper can be used with the built-in interface 
marshaler of MS.NET and ComIStreamMarshaler can be used with any IStream 
implementation even on MS.NET. So these two classes don't depend on each 

For example see gdipFunctions.cs and Image.cs.

If you need IStream to Stream wrapper, you have to create a class that 
inherits Stream and implement it's methods by calling the appropriate 
functions of an IStream object that is passed to your class in the 
constructor. You can see in ComIStreamWrapper how IStream and Stream methods 
are related.


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This is continuing from my "read / write string to stream" thread from
yesterday.  What I need now is a way to connect a .Net Stream object
to an object that implements IStream.

Kornél - I see ComIStreamWrapper class you created to go from Stream
to IStream ... but I need the opposite IStream to Stream.  Know where
I can start?

Thanks again!
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