[Mono-list] calling BeginXXX in a thread of system thread pool

Julien De Groote julien.degroote at tremplin-utc.net
Sun Apr 23 09:51:51 EDT 2006


>From MSDN doc :
be called exactly for every call to
*BeginRead*. Failing to end a read process before beginning another read can
cause undesirable behavior such as deadlock.

EndRead waits until I/O operation is complete so you should not have your
thread terminated.


On 4/10/06, GaoXianchao <gxcmaillist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I saw this in MSDN:
> "All I/O initiated by a given thread is canceled when that thread
> exits. A pending asynchronous operation can fail if the thread exits
> before the operation completes."
> so I have a question :
> if I call a BeginXXX function in a thread of system thread pool(for
> example, calling Socket.BeginReceive in receive_callback function
> again),  will the thread be terminated before the asynchronous
> poeration is completed?
> Thanks a lot!
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