[Mono-list] Cannot install Mono rpms on CentOS 4

Tony G s7oawcn02 at sneakemail.com
Sat Apr 22 16:01:01 EDT 2006

I reported this exact issue to this list over a month ago.  It's not a
CentOS issue but I happen to use CentOS4 as well.  The problem is with
other Gnome desktop apps that use a current version of SQLite, which is
installed by Yum/up2date, etc.  The solution is NOT to force installation
of a package that will break your other applications !!  Someone said there
was a packaging bug in 1.1.13 which should have been fixed to allow Mono to
install in a neighborly fashion with other existing applications that use
SQLite.  I was hoping to see this in a later cut.  Can someone verify that
this has been fixed in the current 1.1.15?

I'm wondering why Mono depends on SQLite anyway.

Someone else suggested the "Linux Installer" to keep Mono completely
separate from other packages, but then someone commented that the installer
has its own set of problems.  I wouldn't mind working with the installer if
someone could document what the potential problems are that we might

From: Rubén D. Guíñez Gutiérrez
I was the same problem. I installed sqlite with force flag.

Nikki Locke wrote: 

	I have CentOS 4, which I understand is based on RedHat Enterprise
4. It
	uses yum to install packages, and yum depends on sqlite, which
comes in 
	version 3.2.2-1.
	However, attempting to install the rpms gives ...
	Error: Missing Dependency: libsqlite.so.0 is needed by package
	libsqlite.so.0 is provided by sqlite-2.8.16-1.2.el4.rf.i386.rpm,
but I
	can't install that, at is an older version than the one I have
	Sqlite 3.2.2-1 provides libsqlite3.so.0, so that doesn't help
	Any suggestions what I can do here? 

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