[Mono-list] Problem inserting spanish characters

Jorge Bastos mysql.jorge at decimal.pt
Fri Apr 21 11:01:30 EDT 2006

Robert, You need to define the mysql charsets and collations also
set the database, table and the field to charset utf8 and collation utf8_general_ci

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  Hi ,  
  I have a form in asp.net using mono-1.1..13, and when I insert data that contains  Ñ or a vowel with an accent  á, é ,  my page puts a ? instead.
  In the head's page I have <meta  http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> 
  And I compile the application using -codepage:65001 
  I'm using mysql-4.1.13.

  Any ideas.
  Thank you.


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