[Mono-list] mono Windows VS 2003 Web Developer - Recommended Dev. Env. Configuration

Nate Chadwick nate.chadwick at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 10:49:57 EDT 2006

Hi I have been struggling in the setup of a sane development
environment as a mono user.  Here is what I have gleaned from various
correspondence, google, and practical use this week.  Does this jive
with what other Visual Studio developers migrating to mono are using?

Web Developer Configuration

Development System
Windows XP (32-bit)
Cygwin (latest release version with build tools and openssh/subversion, gtk/x?)
mono combined installer package (latest release)
Visual Studio 2003
IIS 6.0
Front Page Server Extensions 2002
VMWare 5.5

Key Libraries
log4net - mono 1.0 target
nant - latest 1.1 target
nunit - latest 1.1 target

Server Test VM on VMWare
Suse 10 (stable)  (or OpenSuse?)
Apache 2.2
mono linux installer -(latest release with xsp/mod_mono)


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