[Mono-list] XSP page rendering problem

Nate Chadwick nate.chadwick at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 19:57:55 EDT 2006


I have been trying to port a relatively simple single page ASP.NET app
to mono on XSP from VS 2003 and .Net 1.1.  The behavior is
inconsistent and even with the --verbose tag I am seeing no errors in
the XSP or XSP2 consoles.

After what seems like a random number of refreshes,  XSP just dies, no
fault displayed.

On Windows XP in IE or Firefox with XSP or XSP 2 on Mono 1.1.15 or
Mono  This happens when testing from vsprj2make in Visual
Studio or when starting at the command line.

1.) If I refresh the browser multiple times.

2.) A different rendering of the page appears each time.

3.) The page never renders completely (just hangs at somerandom point
halfway through).

4.) There is no code in the view of the page so it should just be
rendering the form. if(IsPostBack){//do stuff}

The more interesting rendition is pasted below.

<parsererror xmlns=
"http://www.mozilla.org/newlayout/xml/parsererror.xml">XML Parsing
Error: syntax error
Line Number 1, Column 1:<sourcetext>X �/n���T���L�xl
�n�F׶m/�gO����1N��sy��y

This was happening on my machine at work and when I tried it on the
home system I get the same results.

I am not sure where to start troubleshooting this.

Any help appreciated.


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