[Mono-list] Open sourcing an application

Francisco T. Martinez martinf at mfconsulting.com
Mon Apr 17 12:15:46 EDT 2006

Jonathan Pryor wrote:
> Project hosting.  It might not matter now, but if you get any
> significant assistance on your project, you'll likely need
> CVS/subversion/etc., a mailing list, bugzilla, and all the other
> "trappings" of the modern open-source project.  SourceForge.net has
> previously help with some of this, but I've occasionally heard that
> they're flaky, so you might want to look into other sources as well.
> Plus, you'll obviously need a location to allow people to download your
> sources...
>  - Jon
I have four projects under Novell Forge and I am very pleased.  In
addition to the things that Jon pointed out in Source Forge, Novell
Forge also offers wiki capabilities.


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