[Mono-list] - Some Questions About GTK# Widgets -

Mecanico Compulsivo meca10280 at yahoo.es
Sun Apr 16 13:40:31 EDT 2006

I'm new programming using GTK#'s widgets set, and I've
some questions about It. For example, I did created a
TreeView showing something like that:

 ID         Name
 31         Harold Brian
 25         Ronaldo Asis
 78         Frank Rijkaard

Well, It's work fine, but I need get the values for ID
and Name selected (row) and put them into variables to
work separately, It's the first question, how I do it
using the GTK# Treeview Widget?? 

In the same example, because the widget can show many
Id's and Names, will be necessary to create a search
function to let a user write for example the firsts
letters of the name and automatically find
coincidences at the TreeView list, It's possible to do

My final question is about the IconView Widget,
somebody have a comprehensive sample??

Thanks any help

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