[Mono-list] Duplicate emails from list

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Wed Apr 12 08:33:10 EDT 2006

Tony G schrieb:
> Any idea why I get two of almost every email sent to this forum?
I guess you would notice if you had signed up twice... ;-)
> What are
> people doing differently that sometimes causes only one mail to be
> generated for some posts and two mails for others?  It looks like people
> have the habit of sending to mono-list at lists.ximian.com and then also CC
> mono-list at lists.ximian.com and mono-list-request at lists.ximian.com.
> I've also found the need to "reply all" is very irritating, and I suspect
> this is partially responsible for the above issue.  If I just "reply", mail
> goes back to the person who posted a note because the mail list sets their
> address as the reply-to.  If I hit "reply all" then I need to remove the
> individual before sending, since they're going to get the mail from the
> list anyway.  Anyone else have a problem with this?  I know some other
> forums do it the same way, but what a pain.  The problem is stupid forum
> software that no one wants to change, nothing more or less.

I agree that the Reply-to should be configured to the list address.
However I find it very handy getting a personal copy ("reply all")
because sometimes there are hours of difference (in the past even days!)
between getting a list email and a direct email (with the direct one
being much quicker I should add).

Some new to the list have been impatient in sending their message up to
five times with no information added, just not having got a response to
their original message at that time.

Maybe you can be more specific about what emails you get twice? Have you
checked the status of the "Avoid duplicate copies of messages" option
for your subscription?


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