[Mono-list] Mono Linux Installer

Redefined Horizons redefined.horizons at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 11:58:23 EDT 2006

I decided to go with the Mono installer for Linux, instead of the Debian
Packages. Meebey.Net directed me to backports.org, which still required
newer versions of libc6 and libglib. That would have meant updating 2/3 of
the software on my box.

The Mono installer for Linux was very slick and professional! It was without
a doubt the best install I've had on Linux so far. My thanks to those that
worked on the installer.

I made it through the installer with no problems, but I had some difficulty
trying to start MonoDevelop. When I execute the shell script for MonoDevelop
the CLI flashes for a brief second, but nothing else happens. Any ideas on
what the problem might be?

I'm running Debian Sarge and the GNOME Desktop, with the latest public
release of the Linux installer available from the Mono website.


Scott Huey
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