[Mono-list] Defect Detection for Mono Project

Greg Stark gstark at electrorent.com
Thu Apr 6 20:03:28 EDT 2006


As you may have read a little while back in various news feeds, results are
now being published for the Stanford/Coverity Code Quality project.  The
above link will take you those results.

I believe the Mono project will reap a great benefit by seeking
participation in this project.  Automated defect detection to uncover some
of the most critical types of bugs will greatly expedite the hardening of
the Mono code base.  The projects performance in the public eye can only
accelerate its wider acceptance in the development platform community.

As you will have read, this effort is funded by the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security.  As a Tax Payer, I see requesting the Mono project be
added to the list, as money better spent.  As a Mono User, I urge my fellow
users and the developers to request the Mono project be added (See bottom of
the webpage above.)
The squeaking wheel gets oiled!

Thank you.

Greg Stark 

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