[Mono-list] Garbage collection and memory usage

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Wed Apr 5 21:08:12 EDT 2006

Joe Shaw wrote:
> I strongly recommend using Heap Buddy for this.
> You can get the source from here:
> http://blog.trowbridge.org/index.php?p=49
> I blogged a bit about using it to identify a big leak in Mono a few
> weeks ago:
> http://joeshaw.org/2006/03/17/386


For whatever reason, I had trouble using heap buddy a while back when I
first tried, which led me to trying Nemerle's profiler (and hacking some
things into it, which was a good experience even if heap buddy already
did the same things).  I was able to find and remove many of the biggest
object allocators that I found, but I'll give heap buddy a shot again
for finding objects that aren't being collected.

Thanks for the pointer.

- Joshua Tauberer


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