[Mono-list] Some recomendations please

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Apr 4 10:50:44 EDT 2006

On 04/03/06 rolandpish wrote:
> Hi, I'm planning to start developing desktop applications on C# with MySQL
> that can be run under Windows9x,2K,XP and under Linux too.
> I've read about this Mono project, but downloads page says that it is only
> for Windows 2000 or greater and I need something to run on a windows 98
> machine.
> 1. Is it possible to develop with Mono using a Windows 98 machine?
> 2. Is it possible to run Mono applications using a Windows 98 machine?

We don't test on w98 and there is definitely code here and there in the
runtime that works only on newer systems, IIRC. But the changes required
to make it work should be few and we'll appreciate if some windows
developer would fix the issues and contribute the changes (I guess in
some cases the code could be disabled and some feature could simply be
not available, it depends if your app needs it).
Basically you need a windows developer that knows a bit the win32 API,
how to compile and how to fix a few lines of C code.

> 3. On a client machine, is it possible to install only the mono runtime
> instead the whole package that includes the compiler?



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