[Mono-list] mono and .NET Compact Framework (building)

Kirk Bateman kbateman at synaptic-technologies.com
Mon Apr 3 07:17:47 EDT 2006

The hacky way was what I was doing, but trying to use mcs instead of csc,
unfortunately that's when I ran into the problems, so using the normal
mono .net assemblies to build would be a much easier solution, so long as
you make sure you only use .net cf methods.



On Mon, April 3, 2006 12:05 pm, Andreas Färber wrote:
> Paolo Molaro schrieb:
>> On 03/29/06 Kirk Bateman wrote:
>>> I'm just wondering if anyone has actually managed to build a .NET CF
>>> application (which actually runs on a pocket pc / windows mobile
>>> device)
>>> using mono.
>>> I've been trying to get bits to compile (using the dlls from the .NET
>>> CF
>>> runtime), but I generally run into the problem of most things (System.*
>>> etc..) being defined twice (once from the mono libs and once from my
>>> libs), this is without using the /nostdlib, if I do use /nostdlib I get
>>> that none of them are defined.
>>> Anyway, if anyone has any success I'd be interested to hear about it.
>> See this post from Jb Evain:
>> http://evain.net/blog/index.php/2006/03/31/285-mono-and-the-compact-framework-in-love-part-two
> I once read there was some hacky way to compile for the .NET CF using
> the standard .NET Framework SDK's csc plus the .NET CF class library
> assemblies. Will there be any chance some workaround might make it into
> mcs? This could be done with a switch like in javac naming the target
> runtime - such a feature might also avoid the separate gmcs compiler for
> .NET 2.0.
> Andreas
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