[Mono-list] mod_mono on Fedora Core 5

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Sun Apr 2 16:17:54 EDT 2006


I just re-read my message and it sounds mean. I apologize. I didn't want it 
to sound mean, I was just trying to let you know that it wasn't quite 


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>"ein zu starker starker Anblick kann Sie toten. Sie gegen gerade uber
>den Rand mit dem festen Wissen des Wege vor Ihnen" - Linus Tordvals
>I doubt anybody said that. Here's what you have in your signature,
>translated back into english (and no, mine's not done by babelfish)
>"A too strong strong view can kill you. You against just over the edge with
>the hard knowledge of the path ahead of you"
>Not sure if you mean the guy who wrote the original Linux kernel, but his
>last name is spelled Torvalds. Without d after the r.
> Peter
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