[Mono-list] Gtk# and FileChooserDialog

Raitskin Alexandr alexrait1 at mail.ru
Sat Oct 29 06:19:54 EDT 2005

Once I used it the FileChoserDialog in PyGTK and there all I did after 
loading it from glade  (with Glade.XML) was to run it with the run() 
method and retrieve the filename chosen.
When I do it in mono, the dialog either stops reacting to events ( can't 
click on anything after the first click on the open/cancel button) or 
doesn't do anything at all. What's important is that it wouldn't close 
Do I have to add manually events in Glade? (seams not reasonable) or is 
it yet in stages of early development? In the Monodoc I see a note near 
several of it's methods that say [not implemented] but it doesn't yield 
any errors during the compilation.

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