[Mono-list] Apache + XSP | What might be missing?

met at uberstats.com met at uberstats.com
Thu Oct 27 10:16:12 EDT 2005

Quoting Johann BLAIS <jblais at perinfo.biz>:

> Hi Matthew,
> I think it would be easier if you exposed what are your concerns, 
> instead of asking what could be a problem with mono.

I have no concerns, I know that Apache + XSP + Mono does everything we need it
to. But my bosses (who despite not wanting to use any Microsoft specific
features) are worried about possible feature losses of Apache + XSP vs. IIS +
ISAPI. Anything that is windows specific we can't use because the application
will need to work on both Linux and Windows - but nontheless, I'm trying to
mitigate crazy theoretical worries.

As such, are there any features you know of that are simply not 
accessible from
a pure Apache+XSP scenario?


~ Matthew

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