[Mono-list] this .net exe work for you?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Oct 26 16:34:26 EDT 2005


> >this .net exe work for you?
> >
> >(.net with winforms)
> >
> >regards
> I have not tried running your EXE. However, I have decompiled it. For
> anyone who is interested:

I found your effort to comment on the obscure executable posted to the
list to be quite funny.

I wanted to remind everyone that the use of decompilers to look at
proprietary code (Microsoft or others) is strictly forbidden for Mono
project contributors.  You should not use it to learn the internals, you
should not use it to explore an implementation or anything like that. 

We want to ensure that people do not copy the internals, the internal
design, the mistakes or the implementation of Microsoft and contribute
that to our community.  If you need information, ask on the list,
google, find a posting, but do not decompile Microsoft (or any other
proprietary company) code.

Again, this particular case was quite fun to watch as a clueless
individual posted an executable and asked people to look at it.  It
could have been a virus or a trojan, and am glad that it was not thanks
to your analysis.


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