[Mono-list] security issue with UM code??

itsme notyou randombreaks at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 12:54:50 EDT 2005

MSDN says : " When parameters are passed by reference, a pointer to the
parameters on the managed heap is passed to the unmanaged code. Since the
unmanaged code receives a pointer, it is possible for the method to modify
the data held on the managed heap. "
 So the intermediate Unmanaged representation is omitted (unless manually
specified and alloced on unmanaged memory for complex types) and UM code
operates diectly on managed heap.
 Wont this give privileges to the unmanaged code to possibly corrupt the
heap?? And since the call is in the same thread, UM code can easily corrupt
the managed heap.
 My managed heap seems overwritten (very subtly changed) and am unable to
point it to the culprit....I am guessing that the above is happening. Any
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