[Mono-list] Re: Data Grid broken again [OT]

Joshua Tauberer tauberer at for.net
Sat Oct 22 18:55:15 EDT 2005

(This is totally off topic.)

Carl Olsen wrote:
> I'm also trying to make the web site somewhat useful by making it
> into a searchable database of Iowa legislators (the official state
> web site doesn't have the functionality I'm going to add to mine).

Hey, Carl.

I've rambled once or twice on Monologue about getting this type of 
information (state level politics) into the Semantic Web.  Have you 
thought about (or would you consider) taking the information you've 
already put together and making it available in RDF [1]?  (Admittedly 
the practical usefulness now of turning it into RDF is minimal, but the 
more RDF data there is, the sooner we'll be able to write useful 
semantic web apps taking advantage of knowledge throughout the Internet.)

[1] http://taubz.for.net/code/semweb/whatisrdf/
Also: http://www.govtrack.us/dev/

- Joshua Tauberer


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