[Mono-list] Re: Data Grid broken again in latest upgrade to Mono1.1.9.2

Carl Olsen carl at carl-olsen.com
Sat Oct 22 13:10:51 EDT 2005

I upgraded from to yesterday.  When I upgraded from 1.1.8 to, the datagrid control was badly broken, so I kept filing bug reports
until all of the stuff was working again.  Now, upgrading from to has caused it to break again (selected index returns -1 for every
datarow).  I consider an upgrade from to to be a minor
version upgrade.  You are referring to an upgrade from 1.1.8 to 1.1.9 which
would be a major version upgrade.  I still don't understand why it has to
break on a minor version upgrade.

I'm trying to develop a web site that needs to be working by January.  I
started working on it at least two months ago, but every time I find some
time to work on it, something is broken again and I spend all my time filing
bug reports instead of working on the site.

I guess the lesson here is that I should have stuck with 1.1.7 which shipped
with SUSE 9.3.

Thanks for the reply!


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Carl Olsen wrote:
> I don't understand why System.Web.dll has to be broken every time Mono
> through a minor version upgrade.  Can anyone explain this to me?

Large parts of System.Web have been rewritten between 1.1.8 and 1.1.9.
What you see are the aftereffects.


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