[Mono-list] Glade.WidgetAttribute problem

Raúl Reina rmsoft2k at yahoo.es
Sat Oct 22 11:28:23 EDT 2005

I am trying to learn Linux programming using Mono, that's ok but I can't
do so much things because I can't link code objects (variables) to Glade
objects (widgets). I know that I've to declare one variable per widget I
want to use in my code, and I've to write a "[Glade.WidgetAttribute]"
before that, but I only get an error message when I do it:

[Task:File=/home/raul/Projects/prueba_glade/Main.cs, Line=15, Column=3,
Type=Error, Description=Expecting `;'(CS1002)

- this is the error message and the next is the code of Main.cs -

// project created on 22/10/2005 at 17:13
using System;
using Gtk;
using Glade;

public class GladeApp
	public static void Main (string[] args)
		new GladeApp (args);

	public GladeApp (string[] args) 
		[Glade.WidgetAttribute] window1; //<--- the ugly line
		Application.Init ();

		Glade.XML gxml = new Glade.XML (null, "gui.glade", "window1", null);
		gxml.Autoconnect (this);
		Application.Run ();

	// Connect the Signals defined in Glade
	private void OnWindowDeleteEvent (object sender, DeleteEventArgs a) 
		Application.Quit ();
		a.RetVal = true;
	private void on_button1_clicked(object sender, EventArgs args)

I don't get any error message when I remove the "ugly line" above, but I
need it to cotrol the widgets in runtime.

Please, help me. I need to write mono programs and I cannot do it.
Thanks for your time.

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