[Mono-list] monodevelop don't build

sombriks sombriks.mono at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 03:23:59 EDT 2005

i've downloaded the Fedora Core rpm (everyting) and i converted it on 
Slackware packages.
at th first look, it seems ok, but some stranges thing are happening 
whith my monodevelop.
first, it reclaims an ambient variable for mozilla's instalation. not 
bat, i created it.
later, he offers to me the option to cerate a great variety of sources 
(Boo, Java, C#, etc.), but
it don't compile anything! even C#, it do not compile.
if anyone know what this IDE need to compile, please i must know.

i will be glad whith any answer that guid me to the correct way.

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