[Mono-list] Parameter passing using PInvoke

Shankari shankari82 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 19 20:14:18 EDT 2005


I had the following question regarding parameter
passing in PInvoke:

If I pass a reference to a structure VIA PINVOKE how
do I know the size of the struct in Mono (at
emit_native_wrapper ). 

Mono pushes the "address" on to the stack but is there
a way to retrieve the size of the struct pointed to by
the address.

mono_marshal_type_size doesnt seem to be the right
function..( I am not sure).

I dereferenced the pointer at the emit_native_wrapper
level  as *(sig->params[i])->data.klass and the
instance size is shown as 24. where as my structre is
just has 4 integer values i.e 16 (obtained using
sizeof() in C# code) 

If I need to copy this structure by value ...what size
should I be using = 16 or instance size of 24??
If it is 16 : How can we get this in *mono* (not at
the C# program level).

Also, If I pass a structure or class by reference
through Pinvoke, it would be visible "as such" to the
unmanaged code (without any marshalling). So, if at
all Pinvoke does padding , the unmanaged code would
access the datamembers as such. Is this correct?


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