[Mono-list] mono runtime error

Chris Aitken chris at ion-dreams.com
Wed Oct 19 10:51:01 EDT 2005

> I have downloaded and installed the latest Fedora 3 binaries 
> from the Mono website. This machine has a gig of ram and no 
> real CPU load so I don't think that it could be a resource issue.
> Does anyone know why I receive the following error when I 
> attempt to load and run this program?  This is a simple 
> windows form application with only one command button, 
> nothing more.  It was compiled using Visual Studio 2003 using 
> standard MS assemblies. What am I doing wrong that this 
> application will not run. I was under the impression that it 
> should work on mono without being recompiled, was I wrong?

Have you tried recompiling it with the mono C# compiler mcs?


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