[Mono-list] Remoting example documentation

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Tue Oct 18 19:30:20 EDT 2005

Taking a wild guess here, click on the "Create an account or log in" link at 
the bottom of any page.

Then fill out the username field, possibly the password field, not sure 
about that, then click on "Mail me a new password". I would assume that 
someone gets the account request, approves it and then sets up the account 
for you and mails you a password. That someone could a person or a script, I 
don't remember.


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>Peter Dennis Bartok wrote:
>>www.mono-project.com is a Wiki. You could just create an account and put 
>>there, possibly leading off somewhere under the 'Use' section...
>>  Peter
>Thanks Peter.  I may be terminally thick, but I've been to that page
>several times, but can't work out how to create an account.
>OK, I am terminally thick, but if someone could explain to me, as to a
>child, how to do it, I'll create an account.
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