[Mono-list] Re: Method signature modification

Shankari shankari82 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 22:24:30 EDT 2005


Thanks for your inputs.

I dont want to modify the C# code, because that way
for every unmanaged code call a wrapper has to be

The aim is for the user to somehow indicate that the
function call is in a partcular mode (say

one way I thought of is to pass it as a function
parameter, so that mono can strip it off before
pushing it to stack. So, the function that gets called
still has the right parameters.  Then based on the
flag I am doing some assembly code modifications in
the unmanaged(C code).

I tried changing  the "number of paramters" at
emit_native_wrapper level but the compilation breaks
with "unverified IL code".

Any directions on how to fix that error?? or any otehr
suggestions will be very much appreciated.


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