[Mono-list] Re: Method signature modification

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Oct 17 06:43:51 EDT 2005

Hi Shankari,

> I am trying to invoke unmanaged call with a  flag as
> the first parameter of the call. (Since C doesnt do
> parameter matching, I can get away with this).
> So, i call f( flag, param1)
> The corresponding call that is invoked in the shared
> library is f(param1).

I'm not sure if I understand you. You have a
C prototype

	void func (foo flag, bar param)

and you want to have a C# prototype that looks like that?

	static void func (bar param)

Then you can write:

static extern void func (foo flag, bar param);

static void func (bar param)
   func (whatever, param);


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